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Home → collections stenting moves to head of class health & fitness november 07, 2004 | by jacob goldstein | jacob goldstein,knight ridder/tribune early last year, a doctor told jack westervelt the thick artery supplying blood to the left side of his brain was clogged with plaque. The news meant the 69-year-old was at risk for a stroke. trusted on line sites to buy viagra So westervelt, like some 200,000 people each year, had surgery to clear the vessel, which is known as the carotid artery. buy viagra online legally The surgeon made an incision "from the bottom of my earlobe to the pit of my neck," westervelt said. "when you get cut that way, it hurts. 11 commandements viagra youtube " he said. Doctor write viagra prescription "it hurt for several months. generic viagra without presciption usa " about a year later, westervelt felt numbness in his right arm - a sign that the vessel had clogged up again and was slowing the flow of blood. taking zoloft viagra This time, westervelt's doctor recommended a procedure known as carotid stenting, which was first approved for nonexperimental use in the united states in august. Viagra daily use side effects Stenting - and its companion procedure, angioplasty - have in recent years become widely adopted for patients with clogged arteries near hearts and kidneys and in the legs. viagra online Now some doctors believe stenting could soon spare tens of thousands of patients like westervelt most of the pain - and some of the risk - of carotid surgery. Westervelt went to miami from his home in fort myers, fla. cheap generic viagra , for the procedure. buy cheap viagra pills online Dr. prescription free viagra Barry katzen fed a catheter into a small incision in westervelt's groin, up through the blood vessels, his torso and into his carotid artery. natural alternative of viagra Katzen then sent a tiny metal filter into the catheter, past the plaque deposit. viagra for men for sale Then he performed angioplasty by using a balloon to clear the plaque away from the artery walls. cheapest viagra online uk Finally, the doctor lined westervelt's carotid artery with a stent - a tiny mesh cylinder - that will reduce the chance plaque will build up there again. natural remedies to viagra For all that, westervelt barely felt a thing. "with the stent, you'd never know you had it done," he said. xlpharmacy generic viagra He compared his long recovery from surgery with his quick comeback from the stenting: "it's the difference between daylight and dark. purchasing viagra online " katzen, the medical director of the baptist cardiac & vascular institute in miami, called carotid stenting "a transformational technology. cheapest generic viagra " a study conducted in part by katzen and published last month in the new england journal of medicine found carotid stenting was as safe as surgery for several categories of high-risk patients including those who, like westervelt, had previously had surgery to clear a clogged carotid artery. Dr. viagra does go generic Thomas brott, a neurologist at t. taking zoloft viagra Home
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